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December 2017

Position papers & statements

Allergen labelling

AMFEP statement on labelling of substances capable of causing allergies or intolerances present in food enzyme preparations

Classification Labelling and Packaging Regulation

Amfep Guidance in a Nutshell Classification of enzymes according to the CLP Regulation (MARCH2017)

Hazard classification of industrial enzymes (JUNE2016)

Label provision for treated articles under the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR)  (JUL2012)

Amfep guidance on re-import under REACH and CLP (MAR2012)

EU Food Enzymes Legislation

Regulatory classification of food enzyme uses as processing aid, additive or ingredient as of 20 January 2009 (APRIL2009)

EU GM food and feed regulation

Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health Sector confirms that "Foods and feeds produced by fermentation with GMMs (genetically modified microorganisms) used in containment and not present in the final product are excluded from the scope of the regulations" (SEP2004)

Enzymes: Lack of Skin Sensitisation Potential

Lack of Skin Sensitisation Potential

Fact Sheets

Amfep Fact Sheet on Protein Engineered Enzymes (MAY2009)

Good Manufacturing Practice

Amfep members have developped Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in the microbial food enzyme industry
It ensures the consistency of systems of quality controls and quality assurance, employee qualifications, maintenance standards for equipment, control of raw materials and product stability.

Personal care products

Amfep/ETA Position on consumer risk assessment for enzyme - containing personal care products & cosmetics (JULY2006)

Medical Device Cleaning

Amfep guidance Safety in the use of enzyme containing reagents for medical device cleaning (2015)


ERC guidance on the first steps for registration of enzymes under REACH (DEC 2018)

Safe Handling Guide

AMFEP Guide to the safe handling of industrial enzymes preparations 2013 (2013)

Amfep guidance Safety in the use of enzyme containing reagents for medical device cleaning

HERA project

Human and Environmental Risk Assessment: A voluntary industry programme to carry out Human and Environmental Risk Assessments on ingredients of household cleaning products


Occupational safety in the baking sector

The safe use of enzymes in the bakery supply chain (SEP2015)

Sustainable use of enzymes in textiles industry

Amfep position paper on sustainable use of enzymes and modern biotechnology in the textiles industry (SEP2010)


Why enzymes are NOT nanomaterials Amfep Statement

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