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Enzyme applications in the human body

Enzymes are proteins, vital components of any living organism: microorganisms, plants, animals and us, humans. The enzyme types used today for industrial processes can be found in the human body: e.g. protease, lipase and amylase.

Enzymes play an essential role in each living cell of our body – whether they are organs, muscles, bones, nerves, etc. Without enzymes our body would not function at all. Enzymes are essential to life, all forms of life.

Without enzymes, digestion would be impossible

Amylase and lipase in our saliva break down sugars and fats. The protease in our stomach helps the digestion of proteins. Starch molecules, in potatoes for example, are too large to be absorbed from the intestine, but enzymes hydrolyze the starch into smaller molecules, which can then be absorbed to provide energy and building blocks for the various parts of the body.

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