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October 2017

AMFEP Statement: Study on sensitising effects of enzymes industrial processes

The recently published study “Sensitising effects of genetically modified enzymes used in flavour, fragrance, detergence and pharmaceutical production: cross-sectional study” addresses enzyme use in the workplace and has been reported in media. 

The authors refer to the well-known fact that enzymes (naturally occurring and industrially produced) may cause allergies for people working with enzymes in industrial processes. As with many other allergies resulting from flour, pollen and other proteins, there are ways of preventing them. A large body of published research as well as data from production facilities at leading companies around the world, confirm that the risks for workers are minimised with the right processes currently in place in the industry. Industries that use enzymes have guidelines in place to ensure that workers take the necessary measures to protect themselves. 

It is important to stress that the allergy risk is related to people working with enzymes in industrial processes, and not to consumers. Enzymes are regulated worldwide, and are approved as safe biological ingredients in the manufacture of numerous products such as detergents, textiles and food. 

AMFEP members supply enzymes that provide environmentally friendly products to industry thanks to using less energy, water and raw materials and generating less waste. The enzymes industry continues to innovate in this area, to further improve its benefits to industrial processes, and continues to engage with scientists, industry and interest groups.

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